Hanuman International Mission, H.I.M. is a group of Lord Hanumanji's devotees under the guidance of HANUMANTH SWAROOPANANDA SWAMIJI who all devotees fondly address as Swamiji.

In it's very basic form, this group of devotees get together for a weekly Satsang in their own towns. However, on a larger scale, they get together to do an umbrella of services to the needy whenever and where-ever possible.


People are stressed due to the chaotic environment and the system that has changed faster than humans can adapt. The culture therefore has an ever widening gap to bridge. Stress and disharmony is rampant in all families. As many people do not have total surrender to God they pray only when in problems as such times bring reality to the fore and people are confused and need a crutch. They are vulnerable to the worldly factors and soon lose faith or find it difficult to sustain what little faith exists. A basic fact of the matter is that people who have problems have to totally surrender to God and such people come to Lord Hanuman's Satsung (prayer gatherings with a lot of devotional power). Here they experience miracles as it were, their stress is aligned properly and they become soft, calm, happy and healthy. A life free of stress begets peace of mind - a critical component in today's materialistic world. This leads to a life of truth, purity, and nurturing.


It is at this junction where HIM comes in with its mandate for helping the needy, the sick, and the helpless. The umbrella of service to be provided is education to the poor, medical assistance to the ailing and sick, trade skills imparted in the form of human workshops conducted in various locales of India, and the building of low-cost housing for homeless people.

There are plenty of temples dotted around India but what the poor and the needy and the homeless require is tangible means for survival. Anjeneri, the birthplace of Lord Hanuman is high in illiteracy, sick people, no food and clothes and non-existant sanitary facilities. The later is the proper breeding ground for sickness and HIM aims to make this a model of its objectives. Another HIM volunteer has been successful in acquiring 15 acres of land from the panchayat in order to build a polytechnic for technical training.