Swamiji maintains that one who surrenders to Lord Hanuman, and leads a clear and devoted life, is blessed and this blessing one can witness when they meet him in person and he goes into a trance and tells them their past and future experiences.

Kutty Krishanan is a master philosopher whose words are as hypnotic and magnetic as his personal charisma. He is the guru of many and the psychiatrist to all. In times of sickness, worry, financial distress, relationship problems, and the daily stress of life he is seen as the panacea for all. From babies to adults they come from far flung places in the world. Those who are not priviliged to meet with him call him on his cell phone. What is so uncanny is his constant love for humanity which at times is so profound that when he is alone (a rarity) he sheds tears thinking about the miseries of men.

A man of humble beginings and one of eleven he grew up in near poverty in Kerala, India. His father was his beacon and mentor. In 1980 V. Kutty Krishnan a mere mortal human being of moral character and values had darshan (divine vision) and blessings from late Krishna Moorthy's house at Mamblamms, Chennai, in the "Deepam" (lamp). This experience had an impact in his life after changes occurred in his devotional life and he witnessed many miracles.

From here began his pledge to serve humanity. He is seen giving freely of his time to those in need. In his late thirties he was pressured by family to enter into matrimony and the miracle is how Lord Hanuman brought him the most understanding and prayerful wife. Mini is the epitome of sacrifice. She is in so many ways so alike to Swamiji. Her home is always open to everyone and there is always a sumptuous meal awaiting the guest. She is the perfect complement to Swamiji and never loses her temper and has demonstrated the virtue of patience. Both rich and poor people are always eating at their simple home. This is a wonder because in Indian lifestyles there is a distinct caste system but Swamiji respects humans as Gods creations and treats everyone equal. The peace of the bhakta's calm resignation is a peace that passeth understanding, and is of incomparable value. Yes every devotee has said that it is the PEACE they feel from talking or being with Swamiji that draws them towards him.

Swamiji preaches simple philosopy and speaks to people in different languages for them to understand. Here are a few examples of his teachings:

  1. Does the Lord care for all the wealth that one may offer Him? Oh no! His grace lights on him alone who offers Him love and devotion.

  2. Do not let worldly thoughts and anxieties disturb your mind. Do everything that is necessary in the proper time, and let your mind always be fixed on God.

  3. A man must live like a Lotus leaf, which grows in the water but is never moistened by water; so a man ought to live in the world - his heart to God and his hands to work.

  4. If your heart is full of devotion and faith the holy devotee is blessed a hundredfold.

  5. Whatever you offer to the Lord is returned to you multiplied, so take care to not offer anything bad.

In summary not everyone of us is fortunate to have good friends, but those of us who have known Kutty Krishnan will unanimously admit that we have found a real friend and guide in our lives. We have learnt to view life in a new light. We no longesr witness our problems as obstacles to our growth but more as rungs up the ladder to a better life. God chooses humble people to witness for Him, and Swamiji is his instrument. His teachings of righteousness, doing good always, and caring for others is valuable advice. If we can live by his guidance, and more so, live by God's words then hatred, envy, and evil will not exist and lasting peace would be amongst God's ultimate creation - Man.