Hanuman International Mission Trust, Bangalore, has currently embarked upon its chosen project of improving and augmenting the Dakshinamukhi Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy Temple at Gottigere, Bangalore. As detailed in the page Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Project, this involves installation and consecration of significant deities and related construction.

Beyond the Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Project, Hanuman International Mission Trust, Bangalore, has among its primary and ambitious objectives, several philanthropic and humanitarian initiatives for wide-ranging benefit to the devotees and public at large. These include charitable medical programmes, educational schemes as also cultural and other projects likepropagation of spirituality, satsang, meditation and yoga.

To meet the financial commitment of undertaking the projects, Hanuman International Mission Trust, Bangalore, appeals for your whole hearted participation by way of Seva Donations. You may send your Seva in any of the following methods convenient to you:

  1. Seva by cheques, pay-orders or demand drafts sent in for deposit.
  2. Seva by local deposit of cheques directly to the Trust account
  3. Seva by online transfers within India through RTGS/NEFT
  4. Seva by online transfer from overseas through SWIFT/TT Transfers
  5. Seva by Credit/Debit Cards (awaiting payment gateway implementation)
  6. Seva by cash at temple Hundi on event days
  7. Seva in kind – devotees are welcome to donate material for construction, woodwork, steel, electricals, sanitary, etc., which shall be used in the making of the temple and related structures

For any of the above, you are requested to submit the link Seva Online Form below. You shall be responded with all the necessary details, account numbers, transfer codes and instructions. For any further information or doubts, please feel free to write to


  1. Hanuman International Mission Trust is categorised under the Income Tax Act, 1961 (India) as a Religious Trust and donations are NOT exempt from Section 80G and related sections/sub-sections of the said Income Tax Act.
  2. Pending clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs pertaining to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 2010, donations are currently accepted only from (i) Indian Nationals residing in India & (ii) Indian Nationals residing out of India, but holding Indian Passport.
    Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) holding Foreign Passports and Foreign Nationals who wish donating Seva can have their intent registered through the link Seva Online Form below. They shall be contacted immediately upon receiving the necessary FCRA clearance.