The word “Bayalu” in Kannada translates to a space or area that is “open” or “unfilled” and rightly so, the Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy Temple is a place of worship that is open with plenty of unused and airy space of about 10,000 square feet, around the much smaller temple that currently houses the Vyasarajaru Pratishtapana Dakshinamukhi Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy

Without compromising on the open and unspoilt natural beauty of the temple complex, Hanuman International Mission Trust, Bangalore, have assumed the responsibility of further enriching the divine expanse with a few additions and improvements to transform the temple complex into an inspiration of faith and prayer.


The God of all auspicious beginnings and the Lord of all success, no temple is complete without this all important deity. It is proposed to have a Ganesha Idol Sthapana to be done closer to the entrance of the temple.



Being an ardent and eternal devotee of Lord Sri Rama, the ever so benevolent Lord Sri Anjaneya finds content and radiates all the more energy when He is in the company of his beloved Master. The montage of  Lord Sri Rama, flanked by His queen Mata Sita on his left, His brother Sri Lakshmana on his right and a respectful Lord Sri Anjaneya at their feet, forms an imposing tableau popularly called as the Ram Darbar. Just a brief glimpse of Ram Darbar makes every devotee reminisce the grand story of Ramayana and the role played by Lord Sri Anjaneya.

The Hanuman International Mission Trust has been advised by their Patron Guru, H H Hanumanth Swaroopanand Swamiji, to have a Ram Darbar Sthapna done in the area opposite the main deity of Dakshinamukhi Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy.


Around the central area of the Sri Bayalu Anjaneya complex, we are indeed fortunate to be having an old and naturally formed anthill snake dwelling. The presence of such a phenomenon is considered very auspicious. Again, upon the guidance of H H Swamiji, and also as is customary in Southern India, the presence of this snake dwelling warrants the installation of Lord Subramanya, the Lord of Snakes, along the lines of traditional Naga Sthapana precept. subramanya



Apart from all the areas of worship that are present and proposed within the confines of the Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Temple complex, the need for a functional multi-purpose edifice is deeply felt. With a keen eye on not using up too much of the open space, the Trust has decided to have a Community Hall constructed. This hall shall serve the additional objectives of the Trust like providing free health care camps, yoga and meditation classes, and provide a setting for bhajan mandali, satsang and discourses. The community hall structure shall have attached a small office, a public convenience area and a small dwelling for the resident priest or caretaker.


It is proposed that the existing temple structure, having the main deity of Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy, shall be modified a little bit to make it more open and airy and thereby facilitate a larger crowd of devotees of have darshana of the Lord. A gopuram shall also be made atop the Sanctum Santorum of the temple and a dhwaja sthamb opposite the deity.


The proposed construction activity at the Sri Bayalu Anjaneya Swamy Temple complex shall be carried out by a professional team of renowned temple architects and contractors, who are well versed with the concepts of traditional vaastu and other nuances of religious architecture. A profound emphasis shall be sustained on matters of ecology, like rain water harvesting and verdant green landscaping.